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Message of the day – Stay away from Alcohol

Message of the day – Stay away from Alcohol

Ephesians 5:18 – Stop getting drunk with wine, which leads to wild living.

Alcohol is called a curse in the Bible. The alcoholics will not only be deprived from the blessings of God but they will also not be allowed to enter in the Kingdom of God. The Word of God says that the home of those who consume it will always remain poor. Today’s message is for our Christian brothers and sisters who drink alcohol with pride and damage the Christian values by setting a bad example for the non-Christian people. Alcoholism is a menace which invites devil into our lives, especially for young generation who in result of consuming alcohol commits the sin of fornication.

That is why my dear Christian brothers and sisters please stay away from the curse of alcohol and don´t allow the gentiles to criticize or defame our faith. Our daily actions and everything that we do in our lives must be according to the commandments given by the Holy Bible. Only then on the day of judgment we shall not be ashamed in front of our Lord but we´ll stand up with proud of having glorified His name and fulfilled His Word. Amen.

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