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Difference between Quran and Bible – By a Former Muslim from Pakistan

Muslims claim that Quran is the last and authentic Holy Scripture from God; on the contrary Christians believe that the Holy Bible is only scripture that contains the true Word of God. Today a former Muslim from Pakistan who converted to Christianity tells us about the differences that she found …

تثلیث: ایک، تین یا دونوں - خدا کا علم - یسوع میں ایمان رکھو - روح القدس پر یقین
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Trinity; One, Three or Both? (By Graham Ford)

Trinity is one of the most complicated aspects of Christianity. We Christians have the faith and we do believe that God represents Himself in three different forms but for many non-Christians it is ridiculous and funny, on the other hand many non-Christians are curious to know why and how God …