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Do you know the 10 Commandments?

God sent 10 simple but important commandments for the good functioning of humanity. He abhors sin and everything He wrote was for us to remain in holiness. The commandments He sent are logical and good. Our team in Madrid decided to find out how much people are aware of those …

Respect Your Parents - Short Christian Spiritual Videos - Jesus Christ for Muslims

Respect Your Parents

“Mom, why do you keep calling me when I’m at work?” “Dad, stop interfering in my life, I can take care of myself!” “Mom, I don´t feel like talking now! I’ll talk to you later.” “How would you know? Things were different when you were younger.” “How can I go …

It is forbidden to worship the idols in Christianity - Controversial Christian Topics

It is forbidden to worship the idols in Christianity

For being Christians we must be aware of the fact that it is strictly forbidden to worship the idols. And if some Christians say that we do not worship the idols but we keep them in Churches as a symbol of respect and memory, then my question to those low …