Sunday Prayer to Holy Father

Holy Father, loving God,

please send Your Holy Spirit.

Send Your Holy Spirit to reorient my heart.

Send Your Holy Spirit to inflame my passion for You.

Send Your Holy Spirit to renew my soul.

Oh God, send Your Holy Spirit.

Send Your Holy Spirit to embolden your Church.

Send Your Holy Spirit to give courage to Your children.

Send Your Holy Spirit to help us stand firm.

Oh God, send Your Holy Spirit.

Send Your Holy Spirit to still the fears running wild in this world.

Send Your Holy Spirit to open hearts to listen.

Send Your Holy Spirit to douse the hatred taking to the streets.

Oh God, send Your Holy Spirit.

Holy Father, loving God,

We can’t do this life alone.

We can’t seek Your will with our own ears.

We can’t stand strong without Your strength.

Oh God,

please, oh please,

send Your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus name I pray,


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