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Maryam | An Ex Muslim | Putting Life At Stake For Christ´s Love

Aged 16, Maryam Shahzad had a life changing experience. Through Christian friends she was introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ, bore witness to the power of prayer, and the word of the Gospel. Two years later she was a fully devout Christian who practiced her new faith in secrecy due to conflicted surroundings. Her parents, extended family, and community were Muslims and would therefore not approve of her conversion under any circumstances.

Maryam was reduced to Bible study on the Internet and sought answers about her faith from college friends, as it was too perilous for her to attend church. Had she been discovered in a Christian church, she would have been confined to her house, physically tortured by her Muslim family, and forced into an arranged marriage with a Muslim man against her will. Thus Maryam had to hide her love of Christ under the guise of Muslim practices, in spite of accepting Jesus as her one true God.

Then came the fateful day when Maryam fell in love with a Christian boy named Shahzad. Together they dreamed of a peaceful and harmonious married life, free to follow their Lord in a Christian environment. However, could this dream become a reality? With a devout Muslim family judging every decision Maryam made, how could she truly live in safety?

The answer to these questions was anonymity. Maryam fled her home, married Shahzad in secret, and was baptized as a Christian. She led a secret existence for 7 years during which time she and Shahzad brought two children into the world. However Maryam was never completely free of the danger lurking in the shadows and haunting her thoughts. Outraged by her betrayal of her Islamic God, her family believed Maryam´s crime punishable by death. Her death would be a holy act under Islamic Sharia law, as her conversion to Christianity made her an apostate.

A couple of months ago something dreadful happened; Shahzad was spotted by Maryam´s brothers and brutally beaten. He did not give up Maryam´s whereabouts, however the couple were forced into hiding and have been on the run for 6 terrifying months. Their lives are in extreme danger from both Maryam´s family and other members of the Islamic society.

Maryam and Shahzad are in urgent need of relocation to a safe nation where they can live in safety and be free to worship their Lord Jesus Christ. Maryam has contacted our ministry with the hope that we can help her escape Pakistan´s dangers and in doing so provide her family with safety and a promising future. To do this we urgently seek your support.

Let us stand beside our brave Christian sister who has sacrificed so much for our shared faith in Christ above. If we do not help her she will become another victim of radical extremists looking to brutally murder her family for her so called treason to Islam. Her situation is urgent. Please contact us today to contribute to Maryam´s cause and help her escape a horrible fate. May God bless you all. Amen.

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