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“Jesus Christ for Muslims”to launch a Bible school in Bangkok, Thailand

“Jesus Christ for Muslims” launches a Bible school in Bangkok, Thailand

It is never easy for a Muslim to abandon Islam and embrace Christianity.  Fear of attack as well as social and legal ties are major challenges. In Islamic states, the authorities, the family and the society ostracize, persecute and kill Muslims who accept Christ as their Saviour. The majority of Muslims who accept Christ as their Lord are forced to practice their faith clandestinely in the Islamic nations where they reside.   Those who are financially capable flee to other nations to save their lives.  Under Sharia Law, the discovery of their apostasy would result in their murder.

Many such ex-Muslims are living in exile in Thailand.  Our ministry Jesus Christ for Muslims has decided to open a Bible School in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, to help those ex-Muslim Christians with their spiritual growth who have put their lives on the line because of their love for Christ.  Church attendance is not sufficient; they need to deeply and profoundly know the Word of God. That is why our qualified Head of Studies, who is also a Pastor, will especially design the course for these Christians who are desperate to know more about Christ and are wanting to be equipped to share the Gospel with others.

The JCM Bible School will not only serve the converted Christians.  Muslims who are drawn towards Christ will be assisted by JCM Bible School as well. As part of the study programmes they will be provided with Bibles, Christian books, CD´s & DVD´s explaining the Gospel in their own native languages.

We need your kind and generous gifts to enable us to sustain the JCM Bible School. Please send your help to us through the PayPal link on our website, or please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to use any other form of transaction.

Your help will enable us to send out fishers of men to the most unreached people group – the Muslim world.  Thank you. God bless you all.

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