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God´s Creation – Man´s Responsibility

Genesis 1:1 reads; “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth”. Now Christians, they genuinely care about their relationship with God. Obviously they devote much of their time to Sunday worship or to reading scriptures or to prayer or to fellowship with other believers. And this is all good. We are supposed to have a strong relationship with ourselves, between ourselves and God, and between ourselves and other people. That’s a biblical model, that’s what biblical Christianity looks like.

However, what I find very compelling is the fact that when God created the first man, Adam, before sin had even entered the world, God gave Adam the command to steward the earth, to take care of the earth, to take care of the animals, to plant gardens and to take care of the ground. And that was the responsibility that was not Adam’s idea, it wasn’t some sort of political move, it wasn’t some sort of movement from here on earth from human beings, this command, this order came from God.

And not much has changed as Christians if you call yourself a follower of Jesus it is important that you have a strong relationship between you and God. It is important that you have a strong relationship between you and other people, other believers and Christ. However, it is also important that you have a good relationship with creation. It is important that as believers we steward the earth, we steward what God has given us, we steward the crops, we steward the land. And this practically may look like recycling on a weekly basis or perhaps volunteering in picking up trash in your community, on different streets of your community.

See, our relationship with God goes far more than just how I talk to him or how I congregate with other people. It also involves how I take care of the animals, how I take care of the plants and how I take care of nature. So, my question to you; if you are a follower of Jesus watching this video today is how is, your stewardship of God’s creation is. This is a biblical command; this is a biblical call and I would encourage you to follow it.

Pastor Anthony Santiago

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