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The Bible – Incitement of Violence or Message of Peace?

The Bible – Incitement of Violence or Message of Peace?

Today, through this video “Graham Ford” the president of “Jesus Christ for Muslims” Ministry is going to speak to us about a fairly difficult subject which many try to avoid, and that is “violence in the Bible” or “violence in Christianity”. People from different faith and sometimes even Christians also allege that Bible is full of violent stories and that Christianity also contains the message and history of violence.

Indeed when we begin to read the Bible we come across some stories which are about violence but why those stories are there? Why doesn´t Bible avoid reporting such stories? Is it true that Christianity also had a violent past? Does Bible really incite violence or it is a message of peace?

Please watch the complete video for receiving the answers of your questions and to make clear your doubts. May this educational video help you to understand the truth and reasons for this extremely important subject that we often face.

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