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A song dedicated to the persecuted Pakistani Christians

Our eyes well up with tears,

Our hearts are sad and heavy

With troubles all around us

Please help us, Oh God

Without you by our sides

It gets too hard to breathe

We call out to you Oh God

Please help us, Oh God

Lord Jesus, we are punished for loving you, worshipping you, following your path, and calling you our Saviour. Oh Lord we are brought into courtrooms, flogged in synagogues, unjustly dragged before governors and kings, because we are your devout followers, we are hated for the sake of your name.

But oh Lord, such punishment, hatred, persecution, humiliation, false accusation and torture, are nothing in the face of your love and sacrifice. We will endure, we will withstand anything, we shall rejoice and give thanks because you proclaim the one who stands strong forever shall reap rewards. Amen.



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