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Christ is my everything – An Ex Muslim´s testimony

Christ is my everything – An Ex Muslim´s testimony

“Christ is my mother, brother, father & everything”; This is what Pastor Joshua John (A Pakistani ex Muslim) says who faced uncountable troubles for abandoning Islam and embracing Jesus Christ as his Savior but his faith was never shattered. Very few people go through what he has gone through. He was thrown out of his home by the family, abandoned by his friends, tortured and beaten by the society, yet he sticked with his decision to continue following Christ and endure any pain for His love. His sister was burnt alive for uttering the word “God”. It was extremely painful for him to lose his only loving sister but God´s hand helped him to get healed all the cruel wounds that he had received from Islam, Pakistan and its society. He is one of the best example in this world about how one must stand strong in faith when tribulations surround us. He surrendered his life to Christ and his blind faith kept him protected and prosperoused. Today he is serving Christ as a pastor and trying to open the eyes of many others who do not know Christ and his endless love for them. May God bless him and enable him to enlighten more lives through his testimony. Amen.

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