Will the Persecution of Christians in Pakistan ever end - Religious Persecution Pakistan-Jesus Christ for Muslims
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Will the Persecution of Christians in Pakistan ever end?

Through this video, Late Pastor Rafique Masih shares his views on the ongoing persecution of Christians in Pakistan. According to him: Christians are facing cruelty because it has been said in the Bible. “In the end days Christians will have to bear very much hate because of me” this is …

Happy Easter to Muslims - Resurrection day - Victory over death and sin - Jesus Christ for Muslims
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Happy Easter to Muslims

Happy Easter to our Muslim brothers and sisters. It is true that Easter has nothing to do practically with Islam because Muslims do not believe in the crucifixion or resurrection of Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus was simply raised up by Allah and that He will return someday as …

The Importance of Easter - Jesus´ Crucifixion and Resurrection - Jesus Christ for Muslims
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The Importance of Easter

Jesus had his last meal with his disciples on the evening of a Thursday, was arrested during the night, prosecuted Friday morning, condemned, crucified, and died before sundown on Friday (commemorated as Good Friday). And, He was raised from the dead on the third day — Sunday, which is celebrated …

What is Easter - Christian Religious Festivals - Jesus Christ for Muslims - www.jesuschristformuslims.com
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What is Easter?

Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the most important Christian festival, and the one celebrated with the greatest joy. The date of Easter changes each year, and several other Christian festivals fix their dates by reference to Easter. Churches around the world are filled with flowers, and …

Why I chose Jesus - Testimony of an ex Muslim - Muslims Conversion to Christianity - Jesus Christ for Muslims
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Why I chose Jesus – Testimony of an ex Muslim

People often ask David Rothfuss, an ex-Muslim from Pakistan that why he chose Jesus and why not any other Prophet, religion or God? Through this video David Rothfuss explains us why he believes that Jesus is the only true way of salvation and why others must follow his example as …

Blaming God for Temptation - Biblical Christian Teachings - Jesus Christ for Muslims
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Blaming God for Temptation!

Many people find ways to excuse sin, indirectly blaming God, saying; “The Lord led me to do it.” Committing sin is bad enough, but becomes much worse when God is charged with it. We can be tempted to evil because we lack wisdom, spiritual power and purity, but God lacks …