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Difference between Islam and Christianity – From the point of view of a former Muslim

What is the difference between Islam and Christianity? Which one is real and which one is far from reality? Which one holds the true Word of God and provides salvation, and which one doesn´t? which one makes us feel spiritual peace and which one is forcefully imposed? which one spreads …

My sister left me, but Jesus embraced me – An ex-Muslim´s testimony
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My sister left me, but Jesus embraced me – An ex-Muslim´s testimony

What happens when a Muslim leaves Islam and converts to Christianity because he/she finds the light and truth in Christ? What kind of problems and difficulties that apostate of Islam goes through? Is it an easy and smooth journey or is it a journey that is full of obstacles and …

میں نے یسوع میں پناہ پائی : الجزائر سے ایک سابق مسلمان کی گواہی - مسیحیت میں پناہ
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I find peace in Jesus – Testimony of an ex Muslim from Algeria

Billions of people worldwide are not aware of the only true way of Salvation, peace in Jesus, and of the unlimited and unconditional love that God has for them. social bindings, legal restrictions and fear are some of those crucial facts facts which prevent them from reaching toward Christ. But when Jesus …

مسیح میں نئی زندگی - ایک پَاکستانی سابق مسلمان لڑکی کی گواہی - ایک سچائی والی زندگی
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New Life in Christ – The Testimony of a Pakistani Ex Muslim Girl

Maria, an apostate of Islam/an ex muslim girl bears the death penalty with her. She did not only convert to Christianity, but she has committed the sin of choosing a different religion other than Islam. She was at constant risk of being killed by her family if not the society. …